News & Newsletter Submission Guidelines


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Text Format: Submit your articles in an editable format using MS Word. Provide photographs where possible to add visual interest to your article

Word Limit: Articles and Tutorials up to 1,000 words where possible. Articles will be edited to fit available newsletter space.

Photographs: Supply images in electronic JPG format at a minimum of 300 dpi quality, with 600 dpi the preferred quality. Try to photograph beads on a plain background (white, grey, black)

Copyright: Please do not submit any articles/tutorials/photographs where the copyright is not owned by the contributing author.


Sun 22nd Feb – for March issue

Sun 24th May – for June issue

Sun 23rd Aug – for Sept issue

Sun 15th Nov – for December issue

Email Newsletter submissions to Carolyn Martin:


Calender of Events – what is happening in your neck of the woods – Upcoming Meetings & Events? Please advise Name of event, dates, time and venue and a contact name and number for more information

General Articles – have you attended a workshop to learn new techniques – share your experiences with us. Send us your interesting Beadmaking stories.

Tutorials - there can be related to beadmaking, photography, how to use lampwork beads in jewellery designs, setting up market displays, etc

Reviews – have you tried any new tools lately or found good resource books. Share your experience with us.

Tool Talk – got any ideas for great home made tools, Or just general ideas about tools?

Brain Teasers/Puzzles - send your brain teasers and puzzles along with the answers

Tips & Tricks - tips and trucks you would like to share with your fellow Beadmakers

Question Time – are there some questions you have about Beadmaking – send us questions and we can try and source answers for you

Showcase – send us photographs of your latest work to display in our Showcase page. Photographs should be in jpg format and preferably on a plain background.

Glass Colour Notes – have you tried new glass brands/colours lately? Send us your opinion and some photos of your results.

For 104 COE glass, test using the following base colours as a standard test suite:

Use the test colour over base beads made in:

Effetre White
Effetre Ivory or Dark Ivory
Effetre or Vetrofond Black
Effetre or Vetrofond Clear
Petroleum Green/White Mix - 1:10 mix of 218 Petroleum Green and Effetre White
Effetre White rolled in strips of silver foil

Comment on any other wonderful discoveries you may have made with other base colours.